Ryan Tabbot is both a former rival and boyfriend of Gina Diggers.


Ryan possesses Photographic reflexes that allow him to duplicate the same moves of anyone he see's in action even once, resulting in his base fighting skills come from Kung Fu movies. He put these skills to good effect, becoming a professional treasure hunter. While not on the level of Gina or her rival Penny in terms of archeology skills, his physical abilities allowed him to traverse dangerous tombs and other locations easily. As the rivals began finding more dangerous location, Ryan and the Diggers sisters began to team up with increasing frequency, and Ryan and Britanny Diggers would often match up against less ethical rivals like Erwin Talon and his team of enhanced bodyguards, Daishi, Zelda, and Ionis.

Additionally, Ryan's a professional mixed martial artist, practicing against some of the best fighters in the world on Team Jet, alongside fighters like Ayane Anno 'Mistress,' one of his long-time friends, and more recently Jade-realm fighters Gar Silvear, Luan, and Carla, who he introduced to the fighting circuit.