O'Mommah is the daughter of Shamus, King of the Leprechauns. She is a brillant technomagical engineer and often clashed wih her father over the freedom to create vs. the potential harm her creations might cause. She fell in love with her father's accountant, McMorgan, and wanted to help him impress her father enough that he would approve him marrying her. Even though he proved himself ten times over, she wanted to guarantee his father's consent. So, she forged the royal seal on a modest credit voucher to speed up a contract negotiation McMorgan had been working on with Prince Lowtor. However, Lowtor's witch Haggy noticed the insecure binding spell on the seal O'Mommah forged and added more zeroes to the agreed amount, magically teleporting the entire Leprechaun treasury to the Uompa Luopian's, bankrupting the entire Leprechaun Kingdom. Sice O'Mommah never reveal her role in Lowtor's embezzlement. McMorgan was blamed and accused of conspiring with Lowtor and was banished. Feeling horrible about what she did and still infatuated with McMorgan, she abandoned her throne to be with him and became the first mate on pirate-ninja crew. This often causes O'Mommah to come into conflict with the Vaultron Force, led by her sister, Princess O'Lura.