The leader of Agency Zero, Agent M is a powerful force for good in the world. Possessing strength, speed, and flight, his true greatest power is the ability to briefly freeze time, though not without physical backlash, especially if used repeated.

In the years when he operated publicly as the superhero Miracle, he used this power to arrive in the nick of time 'like a Miracle.' After an incident destroyed most of his superhero team the Wonder Friends, he rethought his approach and formed Agency Zero, and now uses his abilities to equally great effect under his new 'zero presence' approach to heroing, taking down villains without providing a public target for retaliation strikes.

Though he continues to do good, some who know of his current status criticize the stepping off stage of the inspiring presence of 'Miracle' in the world.

Formerly partnered with Agent 'Star Platinum' Debra, M broke up their successful duo in order to mentor up and coming hero Stryyp'Gia, who he has high hopes of eventually taking his role.