Kevin Koss, better known as Ace, is a world class fighter pilot.


Kevin Koss has followed in the footsteps of two generations of extraordinarily talented pilots and has been in a plane almost since he could walk. He's most comfortable in properly equipped fighters, but if it flies, not only can he pilot it, he can make it do things no other pilot can. Ace met Gina and Britanny Diggers when they stowed away on one of his flights when they couldn't pay for transportation. He found them on accident and decided to continue to take them where they wanted to go. As a show of gratitude, the two adventurers split the treasure they found upon reaching their destination. Ace and the Diggers have been great friends ever since.

Despite his friendship with Gina, Kevin started going out with her then arch-rival Penny Pincer. He had started seeing her shortly after Gina and Penny first teamed up. What has occurred since then is a serious relationship between the two with Penny working toward getting married, and Kevin getting used to the idea while sidestepping her less than subtle attempts. She has worn him down to the point where he rarely corrects her anymore when she calls him Kevin in public.

Currently they are having issues that are caused in part with another woman who set her sights on Kevin, Skippy, the Premier ace of the mercenary organization Night Flight. Skippy has more in common with Ace in regards to flying than Penny does, and believes this makes her the better choice for him. Kevin is currently conflicted mostly in part because Skippy has been shown to be extremely devious in her plans to get Kevin alone just to give notice that she loves him. She almost worships the skies he flies through and has shown him that she can fly fighter craft at least as well as he can.

As of this writing the situation has come to a head. Skippy had forced Kevin to give his word to marry her by threatening to kill hostages of a failed attempt to take over Night flights flying fortress the Gull Wing. Penny Pincher challenged Skippy to an Dog fight for Kevin Koss. Whomever lost would "ditch" Kevin and move on. Skippy accepted and it would have been an easy win for her - except she had to break off to defend the Gull Wing, and it cost her her plane and the match against Penny, (Who got a free pass from Night Flight for assisting in the rescue of the Gull Wing.)